Welcome to a real meat counter

At Hacksta Köttdisk you find a quality range of meat from around the world to fit any budget. This doesn’t mean we’re only concerned with cost. It means that we always find the best meat for you, without making it too expensive. We’re good at what we do, and we have high standards for the products that we sell. That’s why we use Swedish animal protection laws as a starting point, even when we buy from other countries.

We have clear rules on how animals should be treated, transported, and handled at slaughter. We do this because it’s right, but also because it actually means that we get better quality meat. Our meat tastes better. In truth, we only do what skilled butchers have always done. We choose the best possible cuts of meat you can get, so that you as a customer will want to return to us the next time you want to eat something really good.

Welcome to Hacksta Köttdisk!

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