Our promise

  • Our meat can always be traced in time and location for breeding and slaughter
  • Our meat comes from well treated, healthy animals
  • Our meat comes from breeders who meet our demands on animal welfare
  • Our meat is handled with high demands on food hygiene
Animal care

Our demands

Meat is important to us. That makes our concern for the welfare of the animals extra important. To reach our standards of quality, our suppliers must treat their animals well, and protect them against all unnecessary suffering. They also need to provide an environment that benefits the health and natural behaviour of the animals. We start from Swedish animal protection laws as we summarise our demands. That’s because the Swedish animal protection legislation gives us a good starting point for what we want to achieve when it comes to animal welfare. All the meat in our range has been approved following an extensive review of the animal welfare of each supplier.

Animal welfare

These standards of animal welfare applies to all the meat you can find at Hacksta Köttdisk:

  • All animals must be treated well before slaughter, and it is an absolute demand that they are anaesthetized before being put to death. Only healthy animals are allowed to be transported and put down.
  • All animals should be kept in good health, and sick animals should get the treatment needed to recover.
  • Antibiotics cannot be routinely used as a preventive measure, but must only be subscribed on ordination from a veterinary. Neither antibiotics, nor hormones, may be used for purposes of growth stimulation.
  • The transport of living animals must take place in a controlled manner using vehicles approved for the transport of animals. The time of transport should be restricted to a minimum and never succeed 8 hrs.
  • All animals must be able to move freely. We do not allow the use of production systems limiting the freedom of movement of the animals other than as temporary measures.
  • We do not allow for the use of animal races with documented animal welfare problems such as, for example, pure bread Belgian Blue.
  • We do not allow for the use of genetically modified, or cloned animals in food production.


We demand all of our suppliers only use antibiotics on sick animals under the supervision of a vet and that they are not used as a preventative measure.

Anaesthesia at slaughter

We have an absolute demand that every animal should be anaesthetized before being put to death. All slaughterhouses must perform best practice and thorough evaluation of their anaesthetic results.


The use of cloned animals, or their offspring, is not allowed for food production inside the EU. Therefore we apply the same demands barring it from any part of the chain of raw materials connected to the meat that we distribute.

Growth-inducing substances

We do not allow for the use of growth-inducing substances, such as hormones or antibiotics applied as preventive measures, in any production of animal raw material.


We have high standards on time of transport, density, good levels of protection, and that both the carrier and the vehicle should be approved in accordance with Swedish legislation. The transport must never exceed 8 hrs. These demands cover all our suppliers of raw meat material.