This is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about Hacksta Köttdisk.


Why do you sell imported meat?

It is only natural to want to choose meat from the country you live in. The problem is that Sweden does not produce enough to meet consumer demand. And because Sweden is not self-sufficient in meat, around 30 percent of pork and almost half of all beef consumed in Sweden currently has to be imported. It is very important for us to set the right requirements for the meat that we import, to make sure that it maintains a high level of quality and food safety.


Do you only sell foreign meat?

The meat that we sell is specially selected for our customers. We seek out farmers from all over the world in order to offer good food for all budgets. Sometimes the meat is imported, sometimes it may be Swedish.


You sell Danish pork, but don’t Danish farmers use lots of antibiotics?

They use more than Swedish farmers do, but the level is still very low from an international point of view. Danish meat fulfils all the supermarkets’ requirements and the products imported into Sweden meet the Swedish salmonella requirements. Along with Sweden, Denmark is also leading the way in phasing out critically important antibiotics.


What quality certification do you hold?

We are FSSC 22000 certified, which is a combination of ISO 22000 and ISO/TS 22002-1, and one of the approved standards within the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


Where on the label is the traceability info?

The bottom label always states our establishment number and the batch number/reference number for the meat.


How far back along the chain can you take the traceability?

We can trace products back to our suppliers, who in turn can trace back to the farm and identify the animals that made up the batch in question.


Do you follow Swedish food legislation/animal welfare standards?

We base our requirements on Swedish animal welfare legislation. We do this because our Swedish animal welfare legislation gives us a good starting point for achieving what we want in terms of animal welfare. All the meat in our range has been approved following an animal welfare audit for each supplier.

We also comply with the laws and regulations on the production of food of animal origin and are regularly inspected and audited by the Swedish National Food Administration (SLV). All suppliers must be audited for animal welfare before they can be approved to supply us.


What is the difference between a “best before” date and a “use by” date?

The “best before” date is a recommendation that means the product will retain its fresh properties until the stated date if stored appropriately. The food will usually last longer than this date and applies to unopened packs.

The “use by” date is put on more perishable food containing minced meat, for example, which poses a direct health risk if consumed after the stated date. This date also applies to unopened packs, and food that has passed its use by date should not be consumed.

What does it mean when a product is basted?


Basted means a product is tenderised by adding a salt solution, with or without additional flavourings. This makes the meat even more tender, juicier and reduces the risk of the meat becoming dry and tough.


Can I only find your products at ICA?

Yes, Hacksta Köttdisk is sold exclusively at ICA.


Where are the products made?

In Hacksta, on the outskirts of Västerås. Hacksta Köttdisk is part of HFG Sverige AB.


Is it possible to submit suggestions for products that we might want?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us at info@hackstakottdisk.se


If I have any more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Call our Customer Service team on tel. 0771-29 00 20 Mon-Fri 9am-12noon, or e-mail info@hackstakottdisk.se


Are there any more/new products on the way?

The range will be expanded in accordance with supply and demand from the ICA retailers.


Do you sell temporary products and seasonal products?

Yes, we do have temporary products, such as our BBQ range.


I am an ICA retailer and I would like to get in touch with you. How do I do that?

Call our Customer Service team on: 0771-29 00 20 or e-mail info@hackstakottdisk.se


I am an ICA retailer and I want to order some in-store material. How do I do that?

That’s wonderful. We offer A4 and A3 posters plus shelf wobblers. Link to order form.